Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm tired..

Today was the first true day of riding. 75 miles to Santa Barbara. An eventful journey. I need to get all the sleep I can tonight, so I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Approaching Pt. Mugu on the Pacific Coast Highway. Lovely riding. Very little debris, ocean air, a light cloud cover. (we departed at 8:30 to beat the head winds)

Lana enjoying the ride.

Abby and Amanda arriving at Pt. Mugu.

Yours truly (We met a diseased-looking, fearlessly aggressive, psycho squirrel next to this rock. I had to yell and charge him a few times to keep him from nibbling on my tires)

I am learning to really appreciate this sentiment.

Pt. Hueneme's "Missile Park" WTF?

My friend Niel Garber rode from his home in Ventura to meet us just after our trek through Oxnard's agricultural bounty (Now I know what 2000 lbs. of celery smells like). We ate some mexican food by the beach and rode a frontage road alongside the 101 to its end before he had to turn around.

My first flat of the trip. Abby and Lana helped me swap out the tube pretty quickly. After a few minor detours, we arrived in Santa Barbara, Where we first visited a wonderful bike shop (Velo Pro) then went out in search of a critical mass ride that was supposed to be happen just then. It took us a bit, but we eventually ran into the group and joined them for the last little bit of the ride. Lots of fun

A super cool T-shirt one of the cyclists was wearing.

My mother Shirley lives 30 minutes from Santa Barbara in the beautiful Sant Ynez valley. She met me in SB, and wisked me off to a great home-cooked dinner at our friends Lee and Elaine's home. (That's Shirley on the right)

A perfect end to a long day...


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