Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boulder bike shop

I took my bike in to have it boxed so I could ship it home, as I fly off tomorrow for LA. I made a few calls, and wound up riding down to University Bicycles. I couldn't believe how cool this bike shop was. Apparently the owner Doug is a collector too. Take a look at the web-site, it's very well put together and entertaining. Here are some pictures I took while I was down there today.

My bike in the shop before getting boxed for the flight home.

There are tons of interesting jerseys hanging in every room.

This is one of the biggest bike shops I've ever seen

The time trial bike that Dede Barry rode to win the silver medal during the 2004 olympic games. Following are pics of just some of the many fascinating bicycles hanging in the rafters. Clicky for close-up and you should be able to read the placards, some are from the late 1800's!

I loved the tour pilsner, notice the old style pull tab. There was a lounge in the back of the shop with a sofa and a tv where you could sit and watch whatever crazy mountain biking videos they were playing. The changing rooms are where I found some of the old photos. This was amazing.. See you in Los Angeles.


Blogger Dana Ross said...

Can't wait to see you Ian.
Cookie's in town until the first.

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