Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Steamboat Springs

Today I rode 49 miles in 3 hours and 46 minutes. 44 miles from Craig to Steamboat Springs, then several more along the bike paths around this nice little resort town. The wind wasn't too bad, only blowing a little for the first hour or so. Things are really becoming green, I think we may have seen the last of the desert.

I'd like to see the machine that makes these big round hay bales.

This was a cool view, a power plant emerging over a field of hay bales.

The Yampa river looks inviting.

I'm surprised at how accustomed I've become to being passed on the road by some of these big logging trucks and semis. It's fun when you're riding into a headwind and a big truck passes you, it's draft sucks you along for a second.

A panorama of a band of cliffs above the road.

This is so pleasant after all the desert we've passed through.

Fun riding this winding road alongside the lush river.

These train tracks paralelled the road for quite a few miles.

This dude was wearing a ten gallon hat while working on his tractor.

We're getting closer to the mountains.

I saw a bunch of great looking barns this morning.

Rolling into town just in time for lunch.

Funny to look at these ski jumps during the summer. The runs all look beautiful covered in green grass.

I was riding through this tunnel in the bike path as a freight train passed overhead.

Inspired by all the people floating on inner tubes down the river, I went ahead and jumped in myself. Not nearly as cold as I expected... very refreshing.

This super cool bike shop, Orange Peel Bicycle Service LLC, is right around the corner from a great health food grocery on 11th st.


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