Sunday, June 25, 2006


Today we reached Colorado. I rode 66 miles (4 hours 51 minutes) from Roosevelt, Utah to Dinosaur, Colorado. We're making very good time on our way to Steamboat Springs.

the 40 passed through some more spiffy desert landscapes.

It's difficult to predict which part of the geography the highway will cut through. It seems like I was hidden away in ravines for much of the ride.

I saw this single hot-air balloon high up in the morning.

Nice gently rolling plateaus, nothing too steep so far.

As I rode through Vernal, I saw these two bike shops. They were closed (Sunday morning) but looked interesting. I couldn't tell whether they actually sold saws at "Basin Saw & Cycle"

Taking a picture of a bizarre bicycle in the window of Saw & Cycle.

A cool sculpture next to a water spout in front of Altitude Cycle.

Every town of any consequence out here has at least one tractor lot.

An intriguing junk-yard by the side of the road.

Some spectacular desert formations in the distance.

Today we saw more roadkill than in any other single day on the trip so far (in my opinion) Hundreds of rabbits, hundreds of prairie dogs, probably about 30 deer, several cats, countless other small rodents. I even saw a yellow warning sign with a jack-rabbit on it just before crossing the state line.

Many stages of decomposition. Its interesting to watch birds feasting on dead critters, and getting nailed themselves by cars. We've even seen the prairie dogs snacking on other fuzzy four footers. It's hard to miss these when you're on your bike. Even if you don't see one at first, you definitely smell it.

A live one!

Crossing the state line.

Entering Dinosaur, Colorado.

This place is spooky, it looks like a soon-to-be ghost town.

A thrilling road-side attraction.

But wait... these guys (it turns out) make their own ice cream, bake their own bread, and grow their own sprouts! They also make great coffee. I did not expect to get dijon mustard on my sandwich in this little hole-in-the-wall of a town. What luck.

After everyone arrived in Dinosaur and we all had some food and ice cream, we loaded all 5 bikes on the rack for the first time and went looking for a spot in the desert to get some footage for the girls.

Believe it or not, we actually set up the back-drop out here in the windy desert (it only blew over once)

Abby Amanda and Greg play a song for the rabbits and field mice.

My "bass shuttle" has been many places.

Can you believe I'm dragging a bass around on this trip..?

It's fun to ride my bike without the trunk and handle-bar bags. I almost went down while goofing around on this crusty dirt road.

The ditty bops ride every day with their instruments on their backs... no they don't.


Blogger Dana Ross said...

This is my favorite update on the blog. What a range of events. Beautiful shots of roadkill. The ghost town, the homemade ice cream, the shoot! This was an epic.
Great going.

10:08 PM  

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