Monday, June 19, 2006

3rd century

Today was another century. 102 miles, six hours 19 minutes bike time. From Delta, we left the 50 and followed highway 6 north through Eureka City, then down and around Utah Lake to Lehi, which sits to the northwest of Provo. I didn't realize today's ride would be so long. It wasn't until the girls arrived in Eureka that the decision was made to press on. Happily, this leaves only 30 miles or so to Salt Lake for tomorrow, and then... a rest day. This afternoon I destroyed my top speed by going 48 mph as the wind pushed me down a giant hill exiting Eureka.

Another early start this morning. New time zone, I left at 6:40.

The desert is slowly turning into grassy plains.

A train in the distance. I could see the whole thing from above.

Lots of roadkill today. This is just a sample. Today's shocker was a decapitated bunny. See the girls' trip log for a detailed tally (over 200 just today)

Entering Eureka, lots of mining equipment, and giant piles of rocks everywhere.

Caboose. Amanda had three flats today, and I left early, so I had some time to kill here in Eureka. I took a snooze on the shady lawn of an LDS church, and hung out at the "J + P Gas & Grocery" at the end of town.

After descending the far side of Eureka (a great 10 mile cruise downhill) we had a strong wind coming from the south that made the trip around the lake a fast one.

The color of the water in Lake Utah is unusual.

Funny to be pedaling through the heat, and look up to see snow on the mountain-tops.

This rainstorm started to brew as I rode the last fifteen miles into Lehi. Lots of construction, bad shoulder, afternoon traffic and a brutal headwind made for a tough finish to the ride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing, Ian! I can't believe you've gotten all the way to Utah already!! This goes way beyond what most of us have ever thought about doing. You the MAN! I'm so proud of you.

Hope you have a great rest day. You sure deserve it!

All the best,


9:43 PM  

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