Sunday, June 18, 2006


This morning I met our friends Ryan and Oscar at their motel down the street from ours in Ely, and we departed together. Oscar was lamenting the fact that he would miss the US/Italy world cup match, but we couldn't think of a much better reason to miss the game. I rode most of the day with these two. It was fun to actually ride as a group, and the pace was a little more relaxed than the one I've been keeping. We rode 64 miles. I was on the bike for 4 hours 58 minutes. We climbed two passes on our way to Baker. These guys are incredibly strong. I got a chance to pick up their bikes...they both weigh at least 65 lbs.

I was hoping to see one of these such luck.

One of many historical markers on the "loneliest highway in America" It seems there were lots of booming mining towns popping up out here in the desert. This one, according to the sign was more of a "lawless mining camp" with as many as 1500 residents in 1880.

Ryan looks like he's riding a donkey up the first of today's two passes.

I was surprised how fast these guys were going on the downhill. The heavy bikes pick up speed quickly. Oscar went especially fast. I got nervous trying to keep up with him in the wind.

Entering a long straight-away towards what at first looked like a really steep hill. It turns out the highway veers to the left and what you see going straight up the range is a dirt fire road.

Some funky eye candy on the way up a canyon climbing the second larger pass.

First views of the front of Wheeler peak (the highest point in Nevada, I think?) and Great Basin National Park.

One more ten mile stretch of windy sloping road to Baker.

This amazing cafe was a total surprise. The Silver Jack Inn is a small motel and super excellent cafe/deli in the middle of this tiny town. The owners were so cool. They arranged for us to camp behind the building (don't tell them I told you so) and the food was miraculous. (I had a turkey sandwich and homemade apple pie with strawberry cheesecake ice cream) Excellent beer menu and quite a variety of scotch whiskey. I highly recommend visiting this place if you ever come through the area.

These European gals rolled up as I was eating my sandwich. They are riding their tandem from Miami to Vancouver.

Our little bike village behind the Silver Jack.


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