Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sacramento 666

Today was the shortest ride of the tour so far. A quick jog up to Sacramento. 17 miles in 1 hour 18 minutes. Quite hot, but breezy. We left around 1 in the afternoon after a nice breakfast at the Delta of Venus. We played a set on the porch of this fine establishment yesterday evening. It was lots of fun, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their food was FANTASTIC. They took great care of us. I highly recommend stopping in if you ever find yourself in Davis.

The Delta Of Venus

The proprietor Lee (a bass player in a former life) serves up some coffee.

Last night found us all working on our computers before rehearsing in our hotel room.

I stopped in at this music store to buy a bow quiver for my bass.

Boo got inspired and bought this Raleigh so she could ride with us.

Squeaky clean brand new bike!

This nice bike path stretches toward Sacramento in between the 80 freeway and a pair of railroad tracks.

We met a local named Pxl who guided us from Davis to Sacramento on his fixed gear bicycle.

Looking back at Pxl and a pair of eldrly women; one in a motorized wheelchair, the other riding a customized trike.

A couple of guys on their way to Cleveland with full touring rigs.

Crossing a draw-bridge into old-town Sacramento on a narrow pedestrian walkway.

Amanda makes a fashion statement.

Some old train cars next to the board-walk in old town.

Boo cruising on her new bike.

Greg confronts the "wall of socks" at a well-stocked department store.

Another amazing citizen sharing the road with cars. This woman has a bicycle strapped to the back of her electric scooter.


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Blogger Dana Ross said...

I was thinking that maybe I should move to Davis but then I realized that they don't need me there. I should keep being part of L.A.'s growing bike awareness. We are needed in L.A.

Great coverage. I'm loving it.

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