Monday, May 29, 2006

Big Sur..

Today has been a fantastic day so far. I rode 69.75 miles, 6 hours 10 minutes bike time. We hit the bikes at 8:00 am sharp and did well avoiding the afternoon wind. By the time we worked our way into the hills, the cliffs, dips and swerves shielded us from the wind. What a relief. This has also been the most awesomely beautiful riding. Great inspiration for climbing so many hills.

I met a local cyclist out for a day ride around 9:00 am. As we were riding into the breeze he said "It'll be nice when we turn around, won't it?" If only we were so lucky. I had a chance to ask him if he'd ridden up as far as Big Sur, and how he thought the wind would be for us. He had heard that it could be an issue. Thankfully, as things turned out, it was quite manageable. As I rode through a meadow I saw a traveler sleeping in a ditch curled up in a sleeping bag...

Here is a nice couple on a tandem recumbent riding from northern california to los angeles in 10 days. A liesurely pace with the wind at your back.

A brief rest stop at this restaurant perched on a cliff above the ocean. Time to eat some solid food and enjoy the view.

Abby climbing one of many hills on today's ride.

Our mid-day stop was at an extremely over-priced diner with fantastic views. We chose not to pay out the nose for a meal. We had great momentum on our bikes, so we just kept rolling, not knowing if we'd hit severe wind later in the afternoon. I grabbed a banana and one of these "Big Sur" Bars ($4.50!) I have to admit it was fantastic. Think Pecan pie with granola all over it and a few white chocolate flecks thrown in for good measure. Butter, eggs, sugar. Marvelous.

The girls taking some beauty rest .
Beautiful coastline
Big ocean
A cool museum approaching Big Sur

These walkie-talkies are helping us all communicate with each other as we ride. Greg and Boo paged us as they drove up from behind on highway 1, stopping as they passed me to let me know where we'd be staying tonight.

This Henry Miller memorial Library caught my eye, but I didn't go inside to investigate.

Home sweet home (for tonight at least) When Abby arrived she told us all that she'd managed to line up a gig for us at a local roadhouse. That will be great, but first dinner and a nap!

The bikes rest for the evening.


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