Sunday, May 28, 2006

sunday, sunday, sunday!

Today, 72.8 miles. 6 hours 43 minutes on the bike. We departed from Guadalupe a little later than yesterday around 9:00 am. We were hoping to beat the winds from the north, which really pick up in the afternoon.

Amanda and Abby riding out of town in the morning.

This was one of the most surprising road-kill I've seen yet (this frog is about 6 inches across) For a more detailed account of each day's road-kill, and many other fascinating observations, visit Abby and Amanda's bike Tour Log

A couple cows checking me out on a pit-stop.

After climbing a few hills in the morning, I began to notice some chunky chain noises coming from my freewheel, only while in my largest gear however. When we reached San Luis Obispo we stopped at a great bike shop (Art's Cyclery) These guys adjusted the rear derailer to smooth things out a bit when shifting in and out of the gear in question. Unfortunately, this didn't completely solve the problem. I plan to lubricate the chain tonight and see if that helps for tomorrow.

After a fantastic lunch at the Natural Cafe in San Luis Obispo, (portobella sandwich and Pineapple-papaya-banana smoothie) We headed back into the country-side.

A house covered with shingles, Morro rock in the background. Morro Bay is beautiful.

Quite a few interesting road-side curiosities along the way. Would be nice to stop and explore all this territory some more, but we are pressing to get to Monterey for our show Tuesday night. Tomorrow we'll push to Big Sur. Lots of hills. It will be a hard day, we hope to leave very early to avoid as much wind as possible. I've been worried about not holding up for tomorrow, as I have yet to get an adequate night's sleep, and my legs are quite sore (no rest days as of yet)
It will be an extremely scenic but difficult ride.

Here's my $18 bike computer. I love, it doesn't really do anything except tell me the time, my speed, ride time and mileage. I also love this nifty handle-bar bag. More on it another day.

Amanda and I met a guy named Steve as we approached Cambria who was riding into the wind (like us) He was carrying two panniers, and camping gear strapped to his rack. He told us he had ridden a century out of Paso Robles this morning (the ride began at 6:30) and he was reaching the end of an additional 30 miles to his camp site. And we thought WE were tired.

This part of the central coast is awe-inspiring and friggin' windy. I'm really looking forward to Big Sur. The last hour or so was (like yesterday) excruciatingly windy. It was great to arrive at our hotel to see Greg and Boo's new van packing system in progress.

One delicious fish taco later, I am ready for sleep.


Blogger Dana Ross said...

Excellent blog. I'm digging it Ian.
You make the meals look so lucious and romantic.
Great going you guys.
check out this video from the Derby.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Miss Alie Ward said...

You're taking some purty pichures with that camera, Ian. Those cows look positively dreamy in that light.

Get some rest! Can't wait to hear more!

miss alie

PS- The most cardio I've gotten today is walking across the street to get a burrito. Lame.

7:35 AM  

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