Saturday, May 27, 2006

Can you say "wind"?

Another long day today. 78.4 miles, including two large hills, many other long gradual grades, and a relentless head-wind off the coast. Amanda and I were pedaling hard going downhill, and only clocking 7-8 mph !!! Also, my first spill of the trip.

I started the day leaving my mother's house to visit my father's grave site. He died in early March. I miss him every day.

I rejoined the gang at their hotel in Goleta, got to see the new Dodge Sprinter (our support vehicle) for the first time, we bade Lana farewell, and we all set off to ride.

Quite a few miles today on the 101 freeway, a nice wide shoulder, but high speed traffic (noisy)

About 10 miles later, I carelessly veered off the edge of the pavement, and braked to a near stop before the bike flopped over on the gravel slope. I managed to catch a few teeth of a chain ring in my right calf and skinned the outside of my left ankle. A mild one, but officially Spill #1.

Amanda topping out on the first big hill of the day.

After stopping for lunch in Lompoc, Amanda consults with Boo, the better half of our tour management team.

A couple of frolicking horses and a cow in a field. wow

Looking back down onto Lompoc from the top of the second big hill, a beautiful winding climb. Very pleasurable. At this point we're starting to battle the headwinds.

From here on out, the ride degenerated into a grueling slog into the wind. I need sleep badly.


Blogger Miss Alie Ward said...

I signed up for some blogger account, just to administer you this hearty high five, and an unbridled, screechy "whoo-hoo" of encouragement.

Ian Walker's a great name, but it's misleading condisering all the two-wheeled locomotion you're engaged in. But...I suppose "Mr. Headwind-Cyclist" doesn't have the same ring, so I say stick with your given moniker, sir.

Hello to the girls, ride safe, and stay hydrated.

rock on,

miss alie

1:37 AM  

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