Monday, June 05, 2006

Back in the saddle: Davis

Today, we rode our bikes from Vallejo (just north of Richmond) to Davis. A total of 68 miles. Ride time: 4 hours, 30 minutes. We got started pretty late today on purpose so we could get adequate sleep, as last night was a show night, and everyone was up pretty late. After two days of relative rest (no riding at least) today was a revelation. I felt like I was using a different pair of legs. The breezes were cooperative, the countryside beautiful, and our average speeds up in the 15-18 mph zone. I could really tell how much stronger I've gotten from the last week of heavy riding. I purposefully stayed on my large chain ring all day today, and noticed that I'm learning how to gauge terrain much better and manage my energy. Our next big challenge will be climbing over the sierras into Reno. Tomorrow will be a no ride day, so we should be rested up and ready when it's time.

A client waiting in line at Sean's guitar shop.

Abby heading for the foothills as we start our ride.

Amanda swaps out a tube in no time under the shade of an oak tree close to the Lake Herman recreation area.

Some big-ass boats in Suisun Bay.

The first vineyard I saw today.

Inviting open road.

Stopped behind a spooky whinnie the pooh vanity plate in a left-turn lane.

Amanda enjoying the ride.

Another great stretch of road.

I didn't know what to expect from today. I knew it might be hot and dusty. Instead, the light breeze kept us cool and the oak dotted foothills made for sublime scenery.

The bridge up ahead was built in 1907.

A shady lane

Emerging into olive and walnut groves

Next into the plains as we approach Davis.

A worker in the fields.

Some graffiti on Stevenson bridge.

The first of Davis' many bike paths.

Independant traffic signals for bicycles. Downright civilized.

A few bikes parked on the edge of campus.

Abby scrambles her way up a futuristic jungle-gym.

A three way roundabout for bikes... fantastic.

Abby cruising through another roundabout.

Riding around Davis is like being in a bicycle theme-park.

Today Greg celebrates 4 months of no smoking. Congratulations... keep up the good work. He and Boo are going to work on building some shelves for the inside of the van tomorrow to facilitate loading and unloading.


Blogger Dana Ross said...

Great coverage.
How about a Flat Report? How many and who - a running tally. I'm curious.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

So far Amanda's bike has had 3 flats..
2 front and 1 rear. The front wheel seems to be cutting through the rubber at the base of the valve stem where it sits in the hole. We tried to scrape out the edge to remove any flash and we improvised by putting a self-adhesive tire patch over the hole and piercing it in the middle to keep the tube from contacting the metal of the rim. The girls took their Surlys in for a tune-up today and we'll get that looked at. I suspect the rim tape wasn't applied properly.
I've had one flat so far, a snake-bite on the 2nd day to Santa Barbara when I ran over a little rock.
No flats for Abby yet.

Amanda: 3
Ian: 1

5:29 PM  

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