Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rest days..

Miles: 0. Bike time: 0 hours 0 minutes.
Friday and Saturday I basically tried to devote myself to eating and sleeping as much as possible.
Saturday was a show night, and we did radio stuff on both mornings. It felt real good not to ride.
I got to connect with a couple friends during my stay and visited a bike shop on Howard at 8th St to make a few minor adjustments to the Somec (my bike)

Waiting on line at the "Cheese Board" pizzeria on Shattuck in Berkeley.

Today's pizza: Roasted mushrooms, onions, french goat cheese, mozarella, garlic, olive and herbs. Very tasty. (I also got a whole head of roasted garlic and an IBC root beer) this was breakfast!

A jazz trio began playing shortly after we got our pizza (a line of about 15 people had formed before the door even opened) Notice the pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling on top of the piano.

The Reagan mobile. I couldn't tell from behind if it had fuzzy dice on the mirror.

My good friend Richard outside a cool sax shop in Berkeley.

Another cheeky squirrel, getting all up in my face outside the radio station at the college.

Folks gathering for a group ride at city hall in San Francisco. The ride was organized by the San Francisco bicycle coalition.

Our friend Lana (who rode with us from LA to Santa Barbara early last week) took the greyhound to San Francisco and rented this bike (not as cool as her pink custom number) to join in the group ride and hang out on Saturday. She rode back to LA from SB on her own (115 miles) in about 10 hours i heard. She's amazing AND tiny!

This dude had a Bike Friday with a torn rim. It looked as though he'd ridden it many miles around the city.

An awesome bumper sticker someone gave the girls for the van. Perhaps available HERE.

My friends Sean and Jeannine, who came out Saturday and gave me a ride to the east bay where I got a great night's rest at their house.

A trip to the Rainbow Grocery showed me that people will pay alot for mushrooms.

They grow on poo and fetch $32 a pound at the grocery store!

Fern buds. Apparently they're edible.


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