Thursday, June 08, 2006

A day in Nevada City

No ride today. Just a visit to the local radio station KVMR and a performance at the North Columbia Schoolhouse. We had quite an adventure trying to find our way to the venue (it's way up in the hills of San Juan). We met some interesting locals and stocked up at an organic grocery down the street from our cabin for our trek into the mountains.

Visiting with Kurt at Tour of Nevada City bicycles. He helped us figure out our plan for getting across the mountains to Reno. He also told us to be sure and visit the hotspring outside of Sierraville on our way down the far side of Yuba pass.

On our way to the venue, we came to this bridge over the Yuba river.

Needless to say, we decided not to continue. See our van hesitating on the far side (I'm told our "Eurovan" as we call it, weighs a good 8500 lbs fully loaded) Afterwards, we learned that the show's promoter had failed to mention (when pointedly asked) that the most direct route might not be practical.

The view down from the bridge (about 70 feet above the rocks below)

We met some interesting folks at the show from Xtracycle. They make these cool bike extensions (like a trailer that's incorporated into the bike frame). Their shop is just up the road a ways from North Columbia. They include little footposts for a passenger and have an amazing gear capacity. The folks from Xtracycle said they knew someone at above mentioned hotspring, and that we should be sure to go. Ben and Light were trying to convince me that I could (should) be towing my upright bass on the back of my bike with one of these. I would definitely consider it for a real extended bike tour (ie. w/out Eurovan support). Check out their site for more info. Be warned: these folks really believe in what they're doing.

A local band played the bill with us (Kemosabe I believe) and their bassist Nick played this monster. I found it lying in the dirt behind a truck as we were loading out. Notice the cut-away left shoulder and the lined hole in the middle bout. Cool.


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