Monday, June 26, 2006

Craig, CO

Today, a long ride. 88 miles, 6 hours and 58 minutes bike time. The first 55 miles were quite windy, and the road passed over many ridges and humps, which made for a roller-coaster effect. You're either going up or you're going down. Nothing flat. Pretty taxing on the legs after a while. Also, with a firm head wind, when you're going down hill, you still have to work to go any faster than 10 mph. It just feels like a lot of work.

Nice sunrise this morning as seen from our motel.

More abandoned buildings leaving Dinosaur. I passed a pair of unhappy hitch-hikers and one drunk who said "keep your head down!" as I passed.... ?

High clouds provided mixed shade throughout the ride.

Red dirt cliffs are visible in the distance.

It's starting to look like the old west out here.

Some of the rolling hills I mentioned.

Always another hill, this one was pretty steep at the top.

I barely managed to snap a picture as this dude leaped off down the hill.

Crossing the Yampa river. I visited with a group of rafters in Dinosaur yesterday who had just spent 9 days floating down this river.

More hills to climb...

I liked the clouds and patches of shade that came and went.

I don't know why, but I like this picture.

The sky is big out here.

Tomorrow's ride will be shorter, hopefully less breezy to start out, or at least a tail-wind. Then we should have some time to rest up for the Rockies. I'm really looking forward to being in the mountains again.


Anonymous Larry said...

LOVED the picture from the other day of the Bass in the middle of nowhere! That says it all. Wow, Ian, you have done so well. Hope to hear more stories when you get back. Come to think of it, how ARE you getting back??

5:17 PM  
Anonymous patrick said...

I grew up in Colorado, and live on the west coast, and when I used to drive I did this same route as a car trip several times. It's totally amazing to see you doing it on a bike. Especially Hwy 50 through nevada.

If you haven't passed it already, stop in Glenwood Springs for a swim in the big pool.

Keep rollin' and all best from Portland.


8:29 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Clearly, while drunk, that guy was also concerned about aerodynamics. It's sound advice.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

The drunk was psychic, or he'd ridden east on that stretch of the 40 before. I thought it was pretty cryptic when he said it, but in hindsight... it's true.

We are not on the 70 (which I think passes through Glenwood Springs) We're riding on hwy 40, next we head up rabbit ears pass and muddy pass to Walden. This will be a big day of climbing. The following day we'll get to coast down a big hill.. 60 miles long, losing approximately 5000 ft.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous patrick said...

ok, now i get it (the route). that is a beautiful trip and better than 70!


8:24 AM  

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